Tool rumored to be in final stages of ΟΕΔΙΠΥΣ

After a 10 year hiatus, it looks like Maynard and the gang may be back, according to a picture that was posted by Adam Jones, to his facebook page, and then subsequently taken down shortly after.  Jones, the artist behind all the past album artwork, confirmed with MTV News Sway, that they do in fact have an album coming out tentatively titled ΟΕΔΙΠΥΣ (Oedipus).  The name is reference to a mythical Greek king of Thebes.  During the interview, Jones jokes with Sway Ive [probably] said a bit too much. They also talk about how the launch of the new album will change Maynards current Puscifer tour schedule.  Though he said that they havent gotten that far, he does believe that the tour for the new Tool album will probably coincide with the release that Jones said should see around October.

Recently Maynard said in an interview with Alternative Nation on April 20th, that he had no idea which of his bands he was recording his next album with next.  No word if this was addressed with Jones in the interview.


The exclusive sit-down with Jones will be released on Tuesday on

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